Wednesday, October 31, 2007

monsters on the inside

For my entire life, I have loved dressing up – when I was a kid I would start planning my Halloween costume for the next year somewhere around November 10, the candy not yet eaten from the previous event. This year, despite Halloween falling on a Wednesday (a prime positioning for 2 weekends of activities), I don’t have a single costume event lined up – nor have I looked that hard. There are various people in various levels of fancy-dress walking around work today, but I didn’t give any serious thought to joining the ranks when I stood in my closet in my bathrobe this morning.

I had been clinically observing my own detachment from the festivities, thinking “heh, that’s strange . . .” until I came across an article in today’s Globe about sexy Halloween costumes. I, for the record, have never dressed up as a naughty nurse or a French maid for Halloween. However, there always was that pressure to look somewhat sexy or cute (while not wanting to be over sexualized).

At this moment in time, I am not feeling awesome about my body – the body monsters that tell me my butt is too big have been buzzing in my brain, so that every day dressing in normal clothing can be enough of a challenge for the psyche . . . who would want to add the pressure of a costume for an occasion in which most women (while eating candy and other such junky treats) show off their ass(ets)? So this Halloween, I’ll go and listen to scary stories with my sweetie, while the monsters are on the inside, and there’s no need to dress up to bring them out.


Melissa said...

Hmmm, I couldn't agree more about the sexualization of Halloween! In fact, this year I had a couple guy friends of mine comment about it--how girls are to be all hot and cute & guys can be scary/weird/funny.

And I remember years back one of my friends being unwilling to join my amazingly cool costume idea I had (the three Furies) if she looked 'scary' rather then 'cute.' humph.

So, I've done my best to shirk this girly silliness every Halloween, and go as something funny (mad hatter) ridiculous(Las Vegas gambler) or interesting (Durga).

I resonate with what you say Carolyn. And although I've sometimes managed to save face at Halloween, once bathing suit time rolls around I feel pretty roley-poley.

Thats' when my monsters emerge:

A Giant purple people-eater wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!

el Maggie said...

Melissa - I remember when you went to the vampire party a few years ago, and were a clown vampire, b/c you were annoyed with all the other girls planning on being sexy. Way to subvert, sista!

Simone said...

ya, you know my feelings about sexy cowgirls - I'm still getting over that one. we turned out the lights and watched TV - no one even knocked at the door. although I'm a bit sad that I didn't dress up at all. this is the first year for that.