Friday, October 31, 2008

green. relativism. muddle . . .

The other day, there was an article in the Globe and Mail about “eco-bullying” – i.e. people at work who make other people feel bad for photocopying single-sided or throwing recyclables in the garbage. And, of course, I did what I do against my better judgement whenever I read something in the Globe online that I don’t agree with – I read the comments. And, of course, the comments reaffirmed that I am actually a freak who is way off the mainstream. Because I THINK IT’S OK to make people feel bad for being environmentally irresponsible – and was shocked by the self-righteous attitude of the people who feel it is their right to be wasteful.

As I was processing this, my first thought was that I would write a blog basically explaining why we SHOULD be going out of our way to carry our pop cans down the hall to the recycle bin. But as I am thinking about it, a more interesting issue comes to mind – why are some people (particularly those from a similar cultural and socio-economic background to myself) not concerned about waste, while it strikes me as fundamentally wrong?

And, I guess, since I do believe that it’s important not to waste, the next issue that comes to mind is – how do you bring someone with a different value system alongside your point of view? Judging from the invective in the article in the Globe, nagging doesn’t work – it just makes people resentful. So what does work? I guess leading by example is the least obnoxious method – but is it really effective? And then to give some credit to the ranters in the Globe – should I even be trying to change people’s behaviour? I think I should, because I believe my perspective is right. But I would be annoyed if someone, for example, tried to make me wear skirts all the time, because it’s their idea of what is right for women . . . . and is this any different? Relativism always seems a bit too convenient, but absolute right and wrong is hard too.

More questions than answers today, folks . . . .

Friday, October 24, 2008

my favourite telemarketer conversation

el Maggie (eM) - Hello?

Cheery Telemarketer (CT) - Hello ma'am, I'm calling from Rogers, is Mr. E-M there?

eM - No, but you can talk to me?

CT - Are you, uh, Mrs. E-M?

eM - yup.

CT - Phew - I never know what to ask there. I am calling with a special offer for Rogers Cable.

eM - Sorry, we're not interested. Thanks for calling.

CT - Oh, is it because of the price?

eM - No, we just don't want cable.

CT - You mean there's something missing in our service that you can get from other providers?

eM - No. We don't have cable and we don't want it.

CT - Is that because of something lacking in our package?

eM - Uh, no. You're talking about cable TV, right? Like a whole bunch of channels on the television? We don't have that and we don't want it. At all. From any service provider.

CT - Seriously?! Uh . . . . thanks for your time.

eM - Have a great evening.