Friday, October 24, 2008

my favourite telemarketer conversation

el Maggie (eM) - Hello?

Cheery Telemarketer (CT) - Hello ma'am, I'm calling from Rogers, is Mr. E-M there?

eM - No, but you can talk to me?

CT - Are you, uh, Mrs. E-M?

eM - yup.

CT - Phew - I never know what to ask there. I am calling with a special offer for Rogers Cable.

eM - Sorry, we're not interested. Thanks for calling.

CT - Oh, is it because of the price?

eM - No, we just don't want cable.

CT - You mean there's something missing in our service that you can get from other providers?

eM - No. We don't have cable and we don't want it.

CT - Is that because of something lacking in our package?

eM - Uh, no. You're talking about cable TV, right? Like a whole bunch of channels on the television? We don't have that and we don't want it. At all. From any service provider.

CT - Seriously?! Uh . . . . thanks for your time.

eM - Have a great evening.


Ryan said...


el Maggie said...

that's me . . . the last luddite blogger . . .

senatorsmith said...

My favourite telemarketer conversation (seen on Rogers cable television):

Jerry Seinfeld (JS) - Hello?

Cheery Telemarketer (CT) - Hello, I'm calling from....

JS - I'm sorry, I'm a little tied up now. Give me your home number and I’ll call you back later?

CT - ....uh, I can't do that sir.

JS - Oh! You don’t like being called at home? Well, now you know how I feel.

Anonymous said...

hi well i dont know you but i just had a funny conversation with a telemarketer... whatever they said... i just said ewww! they hung up :)