Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eco-rant of the week

I was biking home last night, enjoying the fact that it actually hadn’t rained all day and I’d had a two-way goretex-free commute for the first time in several days, while also noting how green and jungly all the paths were as a result of all the rainfall. And then, when I cut off the path system to head home, I passed a house with the SPRINKLER ON! That’s right, folks, after an exceptionally rainy June, these people were watering their emerald green lawn (and a good portion of the road and sidewalk). Sometimes I don’t think that people in this country deserve the resources we’ve been blessed with, if we’re going to waste them so blatantly.

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Simone said...

so annoying eh? our neighbour regularly sprinkles while it's raining in the wettest place in the country! yikes. Although I think the culprit is likely timers (at least I'd like to think so). you put your sprinkler on a timer and it goes the same time every day or every other day... then it goes whether or not it's been raining. in the long run you likely use less water but on the wet days I agree - it's ridiculous!