Monday, September 14, 2009

election malaise

I try to care about politics – we’re talking about the leadership of my country, after all. I watch the leaders’ debate before every election, and try to be informed of every party’s platform and vote based on what they are promoting, rather than on a knee-jerk reaction based on general party ideology.

But, as the Globe and Mail and the CBC start to talk election, my gut reaction is “I’m so bored!” I am so tired of elections and, just like the one at this time last year, I can’t see that this one is necessary. The polls suggest we are still in a conservative-minority holding pattern, and neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals are talking about any big ideas that would change business as usual.

When this election gets called, I will see what they each have to say, and I will go and vote, because I believe that it’s part of my responsibility as a citizen in a democratic country. But I’m not happy about it.


Wheatsheaf said...

I am not sure any of them have anything to say. You can likely make your decision now and just find where your voting station is.

Also, the G&M has been all election speculation for months. One of the few good things about an election is that there is reprieve from the speculation. These days I would not look to the G&M to find what the proposed EI reforms are, what the implications are, or how they compare to what previously proposed from the other parties. It is just not gossipy enough for them I guess.

el Maggie said...

Yeah, I haven't been reading the paper much in the last few months . . . If not the G&M, where would you look?